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Are you a Spanish teacher? Do you want to work abroad ? If your vocation is to teach the Cervantes language and in Spain you do not find interesting job opportunities or you simply do not find any job opportunity, the solution may be to look for work abroad. Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world and there are not a few foreign schools and universities that offer courses to learn Spanish or that directly include the teaching of Spanish in their curricula. Here we leave you a guide of what to do if you decide to take the step of working abroad.

1.Choose the destination country: The best thing would be to start by choosing the country you prefer when working outside of Spain. One of the questions that can help you decide which country is to speak the language of the destination country. If you master the language of the country where you are going to look for a job, your chances of getting the job will be much higher and the job search process will be much easier. Imagine applying for a Spanish teacher job at a Chinese school if you have no idea of ​​Chinese. Another way to choose the destination country is to look for those countries where the demand for Spanish teachers is higher and the job is better considered and therefore better paid. Generally, the most developed countries will be where you find better working conditions. However, If what moves you is a more focused aspect of volunteering. The best way to seek to do this work is through NGOs. And finally, before starting the adventure of change, consider and value the changes that going to another country will mean for you and your family environment.

2.Legal issues : The next step will be to get to know everything related to the labor legislation of the country in which we want to work as a Spanish teacher and the possible agreements in labor matters with Spain: Validation of your degree, limitations on immigration , possible help, etc. In this regard, we will have to make a first major differentiation between countries of the European Union and other countries. As you know, the mobility of workers within the European Union is free, so in your case the procedures will be simplified much more than if you choose a country outside the EU, for example the United States.

3.Economic and social situation of the country : Keep in mind that if you get the job you are looking for it will be the place where you are going to live, possibly for the next few years, and who knows if you will not definitely settle there. So it is convenient to know what is the political and social situation, the standard of living, cultural level, health, etc.

4.Job search : The easiest way to make a first approximation in our job search in the country we have chosen is through the Internet. Today the Internet makes it extremely easy to search for Spanish teacher jobs abroad. The two main sources will be both the employment portals of the country and directly the companies that we have located (Universities, schools, etc.)

6.Presentation of application and necessary documentation : Once we have located the job offers that interest us, the next step will be to send our application. For this, the first thing we have to do is prepare all the documentation that we are going to need in the language of the country where the work is located or, failing that, in English, let’s say it is the wildcard language. Among the documents that you should have prepared are: The Curriculum Vitae, the cover letter and the recommendation letters you have. If you do not speak the language of the country and your English is not good enough, look for a professional translator. Its cost is not very high and the translation should be good. Whether you get the job will largely depend on whether you pass the cut of the company’s review of this documentation. For example, here is the documentation required for a Spanish teacher job at an American university:

  • Be in possession of the doctorate and have experience in a similar position.
  • Proven experience in teaching Spanish at the elementary and intermediate levels and in one specialty at least of the following: Evaluation of learning results, applied linguistics and language teaching through the computer.
  • Desirable to have publications and demonstrable interest in the field of curriculum development.
  • Habilidades para enseñar Ability to teach upper-division courses in Peninsular culture and literature a plus.
  • Be familiar with ACTFL
  • Experience in teaching or research in language methodology
  • ACTFL OPI Certificate in Spanish will be valued.
  • Cover letter containing the teaching method
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Three recent letters of recommendation, including at least one teaching evaluation by a supervisor.

However for a similar job at a High school in the UK the requirements are quite less. Here is a real example of what was requested for a Spanish teacher job at a high school:

  • Experience to carry out quality teaching for young people of different levels and abilities.
  • Training to teach Spanish, preferably with French, at all levels with extraordinary results.
  • Leadership ability, planning and motivating both students and teachers to achieve their full potential
  • Criminal record certificate.

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