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How to apply for two jobs in the same company?

One of the questions that comes to us most at is how can I apply for two jobs in the same company? Can be done? Will it have a negative impact on my job application? What is the most appropriate way to justify two requests?

Here we are going to give you the answer so that you can apply for two or more jobs in the same company successfully and of course, we will also tell you when it is a good idea to do it and when it is better that you decide to go for a single option .

Put yourself in this scenario: you are in front of the company of your dreams, you are looking for that vacancy that fits 100% to your professional profile and as if it were a stroke of luck, boom! You discover that there is not only one job offer that fits your profile, but two.

You will surely think that what you have in front of you is a double chance or that your chances of being selected as the ideal candidate will automatically increase; however, it is normal that when submitting your job application some doubts arise such as those mentioned at the beginning.

When not good applied to two places of employment within the same company ?

To fully enter the answer to the question of whether it is justifiable to apply for two vacancies from the same company, the first thing you should know is that it depends a lot on the case. There are situations where yes and situations where no.

Later you will know which are the cases in which you can apply for two job offers at the same time. However, before moving on to that point, let us know what are the situations in which it is not well regarded.

Very different jobs from each other

If the jobs you are applying for, even if you feel that they fit with you, at the level of sectors, area and professional skills required, are very distant, it is best that you do not even consider it.

Unfortunately, applying to two jobs when they are very different, for example, a programmer vacancy and a human resource manager manager vacancy, can only generate the impression that you are a candidate who is not professionally focused and still has many indecisions about deal in your working life.

The request is addressed to a company without intermediaries

According to some human resources experts , if you are interested in applying for two jobs in a company that has no intermediaries in its selection and hiring process, that is, employment agencies, selection consultants or headhunters, keep in mind that it is more difficult That they accept your application against two vacancies, which in cases where your application has already passed through the filter of a professional selection company.

What to do if you cannot apply for two positions?

If in your situation you can’t apply for two jobs from the same company, you’re probably wondering if there’s anything you can do about it.

In this case, the ideal is to apply for the job that best suits your profile , and in case of being selected for a job interview , at a reliable and opportune moment of the interview and without deviating 100% from the central position to which you are When applying, mention very briefly your interest in another job and the skills and experience that will support you in taking up the challenge.

If you see that there is no relevant interest in knowing better what aspects professionally qualify you for the other job offer, it is best to turn the page and focus 100% on the vacant position for which you have decided to apply.

Keep in mind that if your profile is accepted to fill the other vacancy, it will be the same selector who will take the first step of considering you as a suitable candidate and in some cases will even propose you to choose the other option if they consider it appropriate. This is so much better than trying to force something that can make a negative impression.

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